Preliminary Program

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Thursday, June 1, Afternoon


0. Welcome and Introduction (Frechette and Stadler)

1. Dagfinn Follesdal (Oslo) Acts and their objects. Brentano, Twardowski, Meinong, Husserl

2. Allan Janik (Innsbruck), Brentano and Boltzmann

3. Anna Brozek (Warsaw) Franz Brentano and Polish Philosophical Thought

Thomas Uebel (Manchester) :  Intentionality in the Vienna Circle (25th Vienna Circle Lecture)



Friday, June 2, Morning


1. Barry Smith (Buffalo) : The Four Phases of Philosophy and Its Present State

2. Dermot Moran (Dublin) : Brentano's Concept of Descriptive Psychology

3. Guillaume Fréchette (Salzburg) : Brentano's Phenomenology




4. Kevin Mulligan (Geneva/Lugano) Preference, Philosophy and Economics

5. David Woodruff-Smith (Irvine) Descriptive Psychology and Phenomenology: From Brentano to Husserl to Phenomenal Intentionality

6. Mark Textor (London) Brentano and Jerusalem on the Nature of Judgment



Saturday, June 3


1. Hans Joachim Dahms (Berlin) : Brentano's Appointment in Vienna

2. Christoph Limbeck (Vienna) : The "First Vienna Circle" and the Brentano School

3. Christian Damböck (Vienna :) Austrian and German Philosophy (1830-1930).

4. Richard Schaefer (Plattsburgh) Philosophy and Memory: Eulogizing Franz Brentano after One Hundred Years

5. Bastian Stoppelkamp (Vienna) Describing or Explaining? Franz Brentano and the Vienna Naturalists on the future of philosophy

6. Janette Friedrich (Geneva) : Brentano und Bühler